Otona no Dagashi (Dagashi Kashi)

Otona no Dagashi (Dagashi Kashi) english hentai manga porn gallery


-by Pochi.

-19 pages, English translated

-70.57 MB







Hotaru has finally the perfect plan to get Kokonotsu to take over his dads dagashi (sweets) shop. How will she achieve that, after all her previous tries have failed so miserably. I mean what more can she even try? How about making him her husband! Now, that’s a good idea.

Put bluntly, the plan is to make you my family’s son-in-law! The future of this shop will be secured and you will have a reason to come to our headquarters! What a brilliant plan, if I say so myself! Now, first of all, we have to clear the obstacles don’t we? I’ve got the perfect candy for it! *Horny-Horny-Ramune*!! Anyone who eats this instantly becomes a cat in heat!! And you’ll get an endless supply of cum!!

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Dagashi Kashi – Dagashi Chichi

Dagashi Kashi - Dagashi Chichi english hentai porn manga


-by Aoi Manabu

-13 pages, English translated

-29.48 MB






This is our second Dagashi Kashi hentai manga with beautiful and busty Hotaru Shidare. The whole story (of the Anime) revolves around games, puns and of course dagashi (sweets).┬áHotaru is trying to convince Kokonotsu (a young guy from a little village – also the main character of the show) to take over his dads sweets shop, however Kokonotsu rather wants to be a popular mangaka.

Well this specific hentai manga isn’t that much different from the real anime series. Except that you can see hot hardcore sex pictures in our free gallery ­čśë

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Tokyo Ghoul Hentai (EroCos Vol. 38)

Tokyo Ghoul Hentai (EroCos Vol. 38) primehentai full color sex gallery


-by Lime

-33 full color pages, English translated

-7.26 MB






I myself am a huge fan of Tokyo Ghoul. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the horror genre this one has a very deep story that pulls the viewer right inside. Well for those of you who already know about this manga/anime I don’t need to say any more and for those who don’t know it – start reading it!

Mado Akira is a female Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator, however for this hentai manga she is just another beautiful anime girl who gets fucked hardcore.

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TEITOKU LOVE (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

TEITOKU LOVE (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) primehentai


-by MurasakiO

-21 pages, English translated

-13.31 MB






We saw Atago, Haruna and Kongou very often in Kantai Collection sex mangas, however it’s very rare to see all three together in a full color hentai manga. So enjoy the show…

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Amatsuka Gakuen no Ryoukan Seikatsu Chapter 1-2

Amatsuka Gakuen no Ryoukan Seikatsu Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Katsurai Yoshiaki

-66 pages, English translated

-72.14 MB






No slacking off here! Right from the beginning of the new year you get the the creme de la creme. Only the best hentai manga are good enough for us on primehentai – well that’s why we named it “prime” ­čśë

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